Delaware County Fair Judging Results – Tuesday, July 9

Tuesday was a busy day at the 2019 Delaware County Fair.  We hosted the Pet, Poultry, Rabbit, Meat Goat, Sheep, and Agronomy Show.

Pet show Results:

Champion Pet Exhibit Ethan McGovern

Poultry show results:

Champion Laying Flock-Pullets Trent Koopman

Champion Laying Flock-Laying Hens-Kendra Lux

Champion Market Poultry Heavyweight Broilers-Aaron Dunkel

Campion Young Turkey-Kyle Barrett

Champion Lightweight Ducks-Tyreese Crippen

Champion Heavyweight Ducks-Caden Ries

Champion Other Fowl-Bantams and Game Birds-Trent Koopman

Champion Other Fowl-Exotic and Ornamental -R.J. Helmrichs

Champion Exhibition Standards-Noah Felton

Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit-Noah Felton

Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit -Tyreese Crippen

Champion Junior Showman  -Kendra Lux

Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Owen Wendling

Champion Intermediate Showman -Noah Felton

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Caden Ries

Champion Senior Showman-Maci Cook

Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Trent Koopman

The Rabbit show followed the poultry show winners included:

Best Commercial-Breeding-Cierra Drips

Best Commercial Opposite Sex-Karli Postel

Best Fancy-Breeding-Trevor Grim

Best Fancy Opposite Sex-Makayla Davis

Grand Champion Rabbit-Trevor Grimm

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit-Makayla Davis

Champion Junior Rabbit Showman-Kendra Lux

Reserve Champion Junior Rabbit Showman-Andrea Kann

Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-Dannielle Burkle

Reserve Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-RJ Helmrichs

Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Cerria Drips

Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Makayla Davis

Tuesday afternoon hosted the Meat Goat and Sheep shows.  Winners of the Meat Goat show included:

Champion Pygmy/miniature/fainting goat-Anthony March

Reserve Champion Pygmy/miniature/fainting goat-Anthony March

Champion Dairy Wether Goat-Lindsay Harter

Reserve Champion Dairy Wether Goat-Grant Schnieders

Champion Breeding Goat-Mason Kruse

Reserve Champion Breeding Goat-Mason Kruse

Grand Champion Market Goat Mason Kruse

Reserve Champion Market Goat-Jacob Demmer

Champion Homeraised Market Meat Goat-Mason Kruse

Reserve Champion Homeraised Market Meat Goat-Jacob Demmer

Champion Rate of Gain-Mason Kruse

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-Mason Kruse

Champion Junior Goat Showman-Ashlyn Kruse

Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showman-Sophie Dunkel

Champion Intermediate Goat Showman-Madalynn Kruse

Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman-Kaya Knipper

Champion Senior Goat Showman-Mason Kruse

Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman-Charlie Ehlers

And winners from the sheep show included:

Champion Purebred Ewe-Kinley Kolbet

Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe-Vedah langel

Champion Purebred Ram-Vedah Langel

Reserve Champion Purebred Ram-Vedah Langel

Champion Grade Ewe-Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Grade Ewe-Bianka Ronnebaum

Champion Grade Ram-Kirstyn Kolbet

Reserve Champion Grade Ram-Kinley Kolbet

Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kinley Kolbet

Reserve Champion Young Breeders Flock-Vedah Langel

Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Kennedy Kolbet

Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum

Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere

Reserve Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere

Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Aaron Knipper

Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Amelia Schnieders

Grand Champion Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere

Reserve Grand champion Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum

Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Aaron Knipper

Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper

Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Braden Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Kinley Kolbet

Champion Rate of Gain-(tie) Braden Ronnebaum and Vedah Langel

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-(tie) Bianka Ronnebaum and Amelia Schnieders

Champion Junior Showman-Braden Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Ford Domeyer

Champion Intermediate Showman-Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Caden Kramer

Champion Senior Showman-Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Aaron Knipper

Tuesday wrapped up with the Agronomy Show.  Winners include:

Champion Corn: Tyler Hoeger

Champion Soybeans: Cooper Eschen

Champion Oats: Tyler Hoeger

Champion Hay: Lane Recker

Visit the Delaware County fair today for the Dairy Show, Clover Kid day and judging, and Cow/Calf Show!  You can find a full schedule of events at