Recap of Delaware County Fair Livestock Show Winners

4-H and FFA members participated in livestock shows and judging at the 2019 Delaware County Fair, which was held July 8th – 14th.  Those receiving a trophy for their livestock exhibit at the fair are listed below.

Agronomy: Champion Corn-Tyler Hoeger; Champion Soybeans-Cooper Eschen; Champion Oats- Tyler Hoeger; Champion Hay-Lane Recker.

 Beef: Champion American Aberdeen Breeding Heifer-Clayton Davis; Reserve Champion American Aberdeen Breeding Heifer-Carson Schnieders; Champion Black Angus Heifer-Ben Lueck; Reserve Champion Black Angus Heifer-Kieran Monaghan; Champion Red Angus Beef Heifer-Taylor Domeyer; Reserve Champion Red Angus Beef Heifer-Miles Bockenstedt; Champion Chianina Breeding Beef Heifer-Nathaniel Gaul; Reserve Champion Chianina Breeding Beef Heifer-Parker Ries;  Champion Mini-Hereford Beef Heifer-Emily Gudenkauf; Reserve Champion Mini-Hereford Beef Heifer-Kaley Pettlon; Champion Maintainer Beef Heifer-Peyton Gaul; Reserve Champion Maintainer Beef Heifer-Parker Ries; Champion Simmental Beef Heifer-Olivia Hilby; Reserve Champion Simmental Beef Heifer-Shane Stansberry; Champion Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Ryan Hilby; Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Memphis Voelker; Champion Shorthorn Beef Heifer-Erin Bonert; Reserve Champion Shorthorn Beef Heifer-Sydney Shover; Champion Shorthorn Plus Beef Heifer-Reily Dolan; Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Beef Heifer-Derek Bonert; Champion Beef Heifer Other Breeds-Emma Ehlers; Champion Crossbred Beef Heifer-Alexis Krogmann; Reserve Champion Crossbred Beef Heifer-Adam Monaghan; Champion Bred & Raised Angus Breeding Beef Heifer-Carter Klein; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Angus Breeding Beef Heifer-Blake Deutmeyer; Champion Bred & Raised Simmental Beef Heifer-Olivia Hilby; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Simmental Beef Heifer-Ryan Hilby; Champion Bred & Raised Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Addison Krogmann; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Chloe Peyton; Champion Bred & Raised Beef Heifer-Other Breeds-Norah Peyton; Champion Bred & Raised Crossbred Beef Heifer-Jadyn Peyton; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Crossbred Beef Heifer-Lauren Krogmann; Supreme Champion Breeding Beef Heifer-Jadyn Peyton; Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Beef Heifer-Alexis Krogmann; Champion Market Beef Heifer-Memphis Voelker; Reserve Champion Market Beef Heifer-Alexis Krogmann; Champion Bred & Raised; Market Beef Heifer-Jadyn Peyton; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Market Beef Heifer-Carter Klein; Champion Market Dairy Beef-Olivia Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Market Dairy Bee-—Maria Sperfslage; Champion Bred & Raised Market Dairy Beef-Shelby Westhoff; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Market Dairy Beef-Phillip Ries; Champion Light Weight Market Beef Steer-Abigail Krogmann; Reserve Champion Light Weight Market Beef Steer-Macy Loecke; Champion Medium Weight Market Beef Steer-Jeryn Funke; Reserve Champion Medium Weight Market Beef Steer-Garrison Gillihan; Champion Light Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Randy Thompson; Reserve Champion Light Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Adam Monaghan; Champion Medium Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Jenna Funke; Reserve Champion Medium Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Gracee Brooks; Champion Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Jadyn Peyton; Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Market Beef Steer-Ava Hartman; Champion Bred & Raised Market Beef-Randy Thompson; Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Market Beef-Hunter Rave; Grand Champion Market Beef-Randy Thompson; Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef-Adam Monaghan; Champion County Raised-Randy Thompson; Breeder of Champion County Raised-Randy Thompson; Champion Rate of Gain-Brooke Wilson; Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-Jacob Kaiser; Champion Junior Beef Showman—Memphis Voelker; Reserve Champion Junior Beef Showman-Myka Brooks; Champion Intermediate Beef Showman-Garrison Gillihan; Reserve Champion Intermediate Beef Showman-Abigail Krogmann; Champion Senior Beef Showman-Erin Monaghan; Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showman-Logan Peyton

Dairy: Champion Dairy Goat – Carson Schnieders; Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Carson Schnieders; Champion Dairy Goat Showman – Grant Schnieders; Junior Champion Holstein – Natalie Besler; Reserve Junior Champion Holstein – Carter Kruse; Junior Champion Ayrshire- Carter Kruse; Reserve Junior Champion Ayrshire- Bianka Ronnebaum; Junior Champion Brown Swiss- Carter Kruse; Reserve Junior Champion Brown Swiss – Audrey Kruse; Junior Champion Guernsey – Kate Brunsman; Junior Champion Jersey – Abbie Sheehy; Reserve Junior Champion Jersey –  Abbie Sheehy; Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn – Kaitlyn Besler; Reserve Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn – Connor Davis; Junior Champion Crossbred – Courtney Goedken; Reserve Junior

Champion Crossbred- Maci Cook; Dairy Supreme Junior Champion – Carter Kruse; Reserve Dairy Supreme Junior Champion – Kaitlyn Besler; 2018 Dairy Record Book Senior – Brian Heims; 2018 Dairy Record Book Intermediate – Lane Domeyer; 2019 Top Production Contest – Courtney Goedken; 2018 Champion Dairy Herdsman-  Cole Kruse; 2018 Reserve Champion Herdsman- Kaitlyn Besler; Champion Holstein – Haley Fitzpatrick; Reserve Champion Holstein – Sarah Goedken; Champion Ayrshire – Carter Kruse; Reserve Champion Ayrshire- Bianka Ronnebaum; Champion Brown Swiss- Carter Kruse; Reserve Champion Brown Swiss- Audrey Kruse; Champion Guernsey; Kate Brunsman; Champion Jersey – Carter Kruse; Reserve Champion Jersey – Abbie Sheehy; Champion Crossbred – Amber Engelken; Reserve Champion Crossbred – Brian Heims; Champion Dairy Supreme – Carter Kruse; Reserve Champion Dairy Supreme – Haley Fitzpatrick

Best Udder of the Show – Carter Kruse; Reserve Best Udder of the Show –  Haley Fitzpatrick; First Place Holstein Herd – Ford Domeyer; First Place Crossbred Herd – Brian Heims; Champion Junior Dairy Showman – Caden Kremer; Reserve Champion Junior Showman –  Ford Domeyer; Champion Intermediate Showman- Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman – Audrey Kruse; Champion Senior Showman – Carter Kruse; Reserve Champion Senior Showman –  Lane Domeyer; Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor – Tehya Demmer

Dog: Champion Pre-Novice A-Jared Voss; Reserve Champion Pre-Novice A-Kennedy Klostermann; Champion Pre-Novice B-Makayla Gasper; Reserve Champion Pre-Novice B-Aaron Dunkel; Champion Novice-Emma Dunkel; Reserve Champion Novice-Ella Cole; Champion Graduate Novice-Makayla Gasper; Champion Agility On Leash-Maylin Coates; Champion Agility Off-Leash-Emma Dunkel; Champion Dog Showman-Emma Dunkel

Goat: Champion Pygmy/miniature/fainting goat-Anthony March; Reserve Champion Pygmy/miniature/fainting goat-Anthony March; Champion Dairy Wether Goat-Lindsay Harter; Reserve Champion Dairy Wether Goat-Grant Schnieders; Champion Breeding Goat-Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Breeding Goat-Mason Kruse; Grand Champion Market Goat Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Market Goat-Jacob Demmer; Champion Homeraised Market Meat Goat-Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Homeraised Market Meat Goat-Jacob Demmer; Champion Rate of Gain-Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-Mason Kruse; Champion Junior Goat Showman-Ashlyn Kruse; Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showman-Sophie Dunkel; Champion Intermediate Goat Showman-Madalynn Kruse; Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman-Kaya Knipper; Champion Senior Goat Showman-Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman-Charlie Ehlers

Horse and Pony: Champion Pony-Lacy Reth; Reserve Champion Pony-Sylvie Mersch; Champion Western Horse-Lucas Beilby; Reserve Champion Western Horse-Malorie Putz; English Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby; English Walk/Trot Level 2-Katie Schwarzhoff; English Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz; English Pleasure Class Level 1-Natalie Beilby; English Pleasure Class Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; English Pleasure Class Level 3-Macie Putz; English Equitation Level 1-Malorie Putz; English Equitation Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; English Equitation Level 3-Macie Putz; Open Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Open Walk/Trot Level 2-Sylvie Mersch; Open Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz; Western Pleasure Pony Level 2-Sylvie Mersch; Western Pleasure Horse Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Western Pleasure Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Western Pleasure Horse Level 3-Macie Putz; Western Horsemanship Level 1-Malorie Putz; Western Horsemanship Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Western Horsemanship Level 3-Macie Putz; Ranch Horse Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Ranch Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Ranch Horse Level 3-Macie Putz; In-Hand Trail Level 1-Addison Blush; In-hand Trail Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; In-Hand Trail Level 3-Macie Putz; Trail Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Trail Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Trail Level 3-Macie Putz; Bareback Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Bareback Walk/Trot Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Bareback Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz; Tandem Bareback-Malorie Putz & Natalie Beilby; Egg & Spoon-Emerson Kramer; Pole Bending Level 1-Malorie Putz; Pole Bending Level 2-Katie Schwarzhoff; Pole Bending Level 3-Macie Putz; Flag Race Level 1-Natalie Beilby; Flag Race Level 2-Haley Burlage; Flag Race Level 3-Macie Putz; Barrel Racing Level 1-Marley Wagnor; Barrel Racing Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Barrel Racing Level 3-Macie Putz; Handy Horse Level 1-Natlie Beilby; Handy Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Handy Horse Level 3-Macie Putz; Champion Junior Horse Showman-Alaina Their; Reserve Champion Junior Horse Showman-Malorie Putz; Champion Intermediate Showman-Brycelynn Hutchinson; Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Leah Their; Champion Senior Horse Showman-Macie Putz; Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman-Emerson Kramer

Pen of 3 Junior Feeder Cattle: Champion Junior Cattle Feeder Pen-Claire Rausch; Reserve Champion Junior Cattle Feeder Pen-Ellie Recker; Champion Beef Carcass live-Joseph Simon; Champion Rate of Gain-Caleb Krogmann

Pets: Champion Pet Exhibit Ethan McGovern

Poultry: Champion Laying Flock-Pullets Trent Koopman; Champion Laying Flock-Laying Hens-Kendra Lux; Champion Market Poultry Heavyweight Broilers-Aaron Dunkel; Campion Young Turkey-Kyle Barrett; Champion Lightweight Ducks-Tyreese Crippen; Champion Heavyweight Ducks-Caden Ries; Champion Other Fowl-Bantams and Game Birds-Trent Koopman; Champion Other Fowl-Exotic and Ornamental-R.J. Helmrichs; Champion Exhibition Standards-Noah Felton; Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit-Noah Felton; Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit -Tyreese Crippen; Champion Junior Showman-Kendra Lux; Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Owen Wendling; Champion Intermediate Showman -Noah Felton; Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Caden Ries; Champion Senior Showman-Maci Cook; Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Trent Koopman

Rabbits: Best Commercial-Breeding-Cierra Drips; Best Commercial Opposite Sex-Karli Postel; Best Fancy-Breeding-Trevor Grim; Best Fancy Opposite Sex-Makayla Davis; Grand Champion Rabbit-Trevor Grimm; Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit-Makayla Davis; Champion Junior Rabbit Showman-Kendra Lux; Reserve Champion Junior Rabbit Showman-Andrea Kann; Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-Dannielle Burkle; Reserve Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-RJ Helmrichs; Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Cerria Drips; Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Makayla Davis

Sheep: Champion Purebred Ewe-Kinley Kolbet; Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe-Vedah Langel; Champion Purebred Ram-Vedah Langel; Reserve Champion Purebred Ram-Vedah Langel; Champion Grade Ewe-Haley Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Grade Ewe-Bianka Ronnebaum; Champion Grade Ram-Kirstyn Kolbet; Reserve Champion Grade Ram-Kinley Kolbet; Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kinley Kolbet; Reserve Champion Young Breeders Flock-Vedah Langel; Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Kennedy Kolbet; Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum; Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere; Reserve Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere; Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Aaron Knipper; Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Amelia Schnieders; Grand Champion Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere; Reserve Grand champion Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum; Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Aaron Knipper; Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper; Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Braden Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Kinley Kolbet; Champion Rate of Gain-(tie) Braden Ronnebaum and Vedah Langel; Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-(tie) Bianka Ronnebaum and Amelia Schnieders; Champion Junior Showman-Braden Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Ford Domeyer; Champion Intermediate Showman-Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Caden Kramer; Champion Senior Showman-Haley Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Aaron Knipper

Swine: Grand Champion Breeding Gilt—Lauren LeClere; Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Gilt—Tyger Vaske; Champion Lightweight Derby Gilt—Cody Monaghan; Reserve Champion Lightweight Derby Gilt—Amelia Schnieders; Champion Mediumweight Derby Gilt—Cael Funk; Reserve Champion Mediumweight Derby Gilt—Jayden Hillers; Champion Heavyweight Derby Gilt—Nathan Beitz; Reserve Champion Heavyweight Derby Gilt—Hayleigh Ries; Grand Champion Derby Gilt—Nathan Beitz; Reserve Grand Champion Derby Gilt—Cael Funk; Champion Lightweight Derby Barrow—Kate Ries; Reserve Champion Lightweight Derby Barrow—Ella Cole; Champion Mediumweight Derby Barrow—Olivia Mensen; Reserve Champion Mediumweight Derby Barrow—Hayleigh Ries; Champion Heavyweight Derby Barrow—Lucy Loecke; Reserve Champion Heavyweight Derby Barrow—Claire Rausch; Grand Champion Derby Barrow—Lucy Loecke; Reserve Grand Champion Derby Barrow—Olivia Mensen; Champion Lightweight Market Gilt—Adam Monaghan; Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Gilt—Lanae LeClere; Champion Mediumweight Market Gilt—Nathanial Gaul; Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Gilt—Trudy Loecke; Champion Heavyweight Market Gilt—Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Gilt—Tyger Vaske; Grand Champion Market Gilt—Mason Kruse; Reserve Grand Champion Market Gilt—Nathanial Gaul; Champion Lightweight Market Barrow—Memphis Voelker; Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Barrow—Tyger Vaske; Champion Mediumweight Market Barrow—Jadyn Hillers; Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Barrow—Tyger Vaske; Champion Heavyweight Market; Barrow—Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Barrow—Memphis Voelker; Grand Champion Market Barrow—Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow—Jadyn Peyton; Champion Derby Rate of Gain Gilt—Jayden Hillers; Reserve Champion Derby Rate of Gain Gilt—Cael Funk; Champion Derby Rate of Gain Barrow—Jayden Hillers; Reserve Champion Derby Rate of Gain Barrow—Cael Funk; Champion Pork Value Added Derby Gilt—Nathan Beitz; Champion Carcass Value Added Market Gilt—Kaley Pettlon; Reserve Champion Carcass Value Added Market Gilt—Andrea Kann; Champion Carcass Value Added Market Barrow—Haley Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Carcass Value Added Market Barrow—Sam Lyness; Champion Junior Swine Showman—Nathan Beitz; Reserve Champion Junior Swine Showman—Lane Recker; Champion Intermediate Swine Showman—Bianka Ronnebaum; Reserve Champion Intermediate Swine Showman—Abigail Krogmann; Champion Senior Swine Showman—Mason Kruse; Reserve Champion Senior Swine Showman—Nathanial Gaul