Delaware County Road Projects Continue

Road projects continue around Delaware County this week…

At Pioneer Road Bridge, the bridge deck was poured last week. This week, Taylor Construction is working on the bridge rail.

For the X-31 Paving Project, LL Pelling is planning to start the paving project next Monday from the south side of the dam to Buck Creek. They’ll start with concrete patching first and then move into asphalt paving. Once the concrete patching is finished on X-31, patching work will begin on Hartwick Road.

Road crews closed Golden Church Road (otherwise known as 190th Avenue) last week to work on pouring two bridge approaches. They were expected to open that road this week. Crews are also working on 190th Avenue east of Manchester cleaning ditches and building up the road grade to prevent washouts of the road. The road will be closed during construction.

Road crews are also planning to work this week on applying Base One to Turtle Creek Road from the paved portion of Turtle Creek Road to the entrance of the boat ramp. Traffic may be delayed at times while the road is bladed up and blended with the Base One product.

And as for contract rock on county roads, BARD is working in the Edgewood area this week. County Engineer Anthony Bardgett says if the weather keeps looking good, it could all be wrapped by next week.