Trial Date Set for Manchester Redemption Center Owner

A trial date has been set for the owner of Manchester’s redemption center.

Greg Rogers’ trial is set for October 16th in Delaware County District Court. Rogers, who owns and operates Can Do Too Redemption Center, was arrested and charged last month with First Degree Theft. The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation had found that Rogers committed theft by not paying some customers or not paying some customers the right amount when they redeemed their cans and bottles. The Sheriff’s Office says the total value of stolen property exceeded ten thousand dollars.

Five additional charges – all simple misdemeanors – have been filed against Rogers as part of that case. The Sheriff’s Office says the five charges are for Refund Value Violations for not paying customers the required five cents per container. According to the affidavits provided by the Clayton County Attorney’s Office (who is handling the case), five local residents who brought their cans to Can Do this past winter said they were told to leave their name and address and come back for their payment. They all said they received their payment, but were unaware that they were only being paid four cents per can or bottle instead of five cents.

In a story this week on, we incorrectly stated that Rogers was arrested on those five simple misdemeanor charges. We apologize for the error. The Attorney’s Office says he was not arrested on those five charges, but he has been summoned to appear in court.