Buchanan Co. Authorities Warn of Door-to-Door Asphalt Scam

Authorities are warning the public of a door-to-door scam usually seen this time of year.

Door-to-door asphalt salesmen.

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office says it’s typically a small crew of men with heavy equipment who come to your door unannounced and try to sell leftover asphalt at a substantially lower price from a job they will claim to have done nearby. They also state that they will put a three- to four-inch asphalt base on your driveway when in fact they only apply a one- to two-inch base. And in most cases, the asphalt they are trying to sell you is not real asphalt.

Authorities say if someone comes to your door trying to sell asphalt and you feel it may be a scam, try to get license plate numbers or photos of the vehicles and crew and then call your local law enforcement agency.



photo courtesy of Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office