Riverbend Pub Opens in Manchester

The Manchester community is embracing its newest bar, Riverbend Pub.

It opened about a week and a half ago on South Franklin Street next to the Whitewater Park in the building that once housed Grumpy Bill’s. Co-owner Mike Corcoran says he went in on the business with Grumpy’s son, J.W. Scott, after Grumpy unexpectedly passed away last October.

Corcoran says he had a vision for Riverbend Pub. He and his wife, Angie, like to visit Nashville and he wanted to create a place similar to what you’d find there in Music City.

They started renovation work on the building in early February.

And after all that work, the building is unrecognizable. Riverbend Pub has three stories – the main floor, second story and basement – along with additional windows and even a stage on the second floor.

And Riverbend Pub has a perfect view of Manchester’s Whitewater Park. With the City’s permission, they leased the old alleyway next to Shelly Park and put a deck on the south side of the building. And they’ll also have a small beer garden on the south side facing the river.

And Riverbend won’t be just a bar. They’ll be offering food too – with hopes to start their menu by mid-September.

Riverbend Pub has only been open a few days a week as they get started, but once August arrives, they’ll be open Wednesday through Sunday – with plans to be open seven days a week by September. And after only a week and a half of having their doors open, Corcoran says the response from the community has been incredible.

And Riverbend Pub is already planning a couple of events for the fall. They’ll be joining up with the Franklin Street Brewing Company for a Hawkeye tailgate and watch party on August 31st, blocking off the street with a huge screen to watch the first game of the season. And Corcoran says they plan to finish re-installing the Vietnam Veterans Wall that was displayed on the south side of the building and hold a re-dedication on September 14th.







photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH