Lake Delhi Hosting “Christmas on the Lake”

Lake Delhi is getting ready for a fun weekend.

It’s their annual “Christmas on the Lake” this Saturday night. Lake Delhi Trustees President Dan Staebell says it’s a tradition that started back up again last year when the lake returned.

It’s been a beautiful summer at Lake Delhi. Crews spent some time earlier this year cleaning up the lake and pulling out debris that had been sitting in the water since the dam breach nine years ago.

And even though most of the clean-up is done, Staebell says there is always work to do.

The Lake Delhi Trustees will have two new members joining their board following last week’s election, which means they’ll also be saying goodbye to two people who spent a lot of time serving their lake community.

But it’s not just the Trustees who put in an effort to make a difference on the lake. Staebell says they welcome anyone who would like to volunteer with various Lake Delhi activities.

Lake Delhi will be holding their annual fireworks celebration next Saturday night.



photo courtesy of Joe Scherrman