Hickenlooper Visits Dyersville Ethanol Plant with Former Lt. Gov. Judge

A Democratic presidential candidate was in Dyersville on Wednesday.

Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper toured Big River Resources ethanol plant. Former Lt. Governor Patty Judge joined him on his visit. Judge serves as the Chair for Focus on Rural America. She has been calling on presidential candidates to campaign in rural America in a meaningful way and partner with rural residents to revitalize rural communities.

“Governor Hickenlooper is one of a growing number of candidates who understand the need to visit rural America and look behind the scenes to see firsthand the impact of White House policies,” said Judge.Visiting an ethanol plant is a good way to experience Iowa’s value-added ag economy and meet Iowans working to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Just this week, we saw that China is tired of being President Trump’s punching bag and will not be making the additional commodity purchases promised in previous talks. Rural America is tired of being a punching bag too. The reckless of nature of these trade talks are just piling onto the ag economy, on top of the Spring floods and Trump’s small refinery waivers that allow oil and gas companies to skirt the rules and avoid blending ethanol. Rural Americans will have the deciding vote in 2020 and they’re looking for someone who will keep their promises. The Democratic candidates need to seize this opportunity and continue to show up in rural communities.”

“President Trump has broken every one of his promises,” said Hickenlooper. “His tariffs have cost American farmers and consumers tens of billions and now taxpayers have to bail them out because of Trump’s mistakes. The waivers Trump is handing out to oil and gas companies add to the pain hitting Iowa’s agricultural economy. If elected President, I’ll throw away the oil industry’s rubber stamp and implement the Renewable Fuels Standard.”

Judge says she is committed to working with all the candidates to ensure rural Iowans are heard and that candidates have a plan to partner with them.

Dyersville was one of nine stops for Hickenlooper this week. He returned to Iowa to continue his statewide Winnebago tour, with a stop also planned at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday.



photo courtesy of Focus on Rural America