Delaware County Considers Allowing ATVs in Fountain Springs Park

Delaware County is considering a change to its ATV/UTV Ordinance.

A few weeks ago, the County Board of Supervisors heard from Rick Seeley on behalf of the Roads to Trails ATV/UTV Club. He asked if the County would be willing to allow ATVs and UTVs on the Class B road that travels through Fountain Springs Park.

The current ordinance does not allow ATV/UTV travel on Class B or Class C roads.

County Engineer Anthony Bardgett says it’s not a typical Class B road – it’s gravel instead of dirt. He said as long as the road doesn’t get torn up, he’s okay with it.

County Supervisor Jeff Madlom says he has heard no complaints since the original ATV/UTV Ordinance passed three years ago and has been pleased with the way the Roads to Trails Club has self-managed.

The Delaware County Conservation Board has said they would be okay with the ATVs and UTVs traveling through Fountain Springs Park. And there may be future discussion of opening up more pathways around the county.

The County Supervisors will hold two public hearings on the amendment allowing ATV/UTV travel on Fountain Springs Park’s Class B road. Those public hearings will be held on September 3rd and 9th.