Most Damaged Headstones at Manchester Cemetery Repaired

Most of the damaged headstones at Manchester’s Oakland Cemetery were repaired over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, volunteers were able to fix twenty-four of the twenty-nine headstones that were vandalized earlier this month. They were lifted up, inspected and re-sealed on their foundation.

Sara Breckenfelder, treasurer of the Manchester Cemetery Company, tells KMCH there are still five headstones that were broken that will need to be repaired by Manchester Monument Works.

With insurance not covering the repairs and no living family members for some of the deceased’s headstones to pick up the costs, some in the community have offered to make a donation to help the cemetery board. If you would like to donate, you can send cash or a check to the Manchester Cemetery Company at 1223 North Franklin Street. F&M Bank is also accepting donations on their behalf.

Manchester Police are still investigating the vandalism. No arrests have been announced.



photos courtesy of Sara Breckenfelder