Manchester City Council Will Revise City Shop Plans

The Manchester City Council says they will spend some time revising plans for a proposed new city shop.

The Council had wanted to bond up to $2.6 million to pay for a new 18,000 square foot city shop at a new location on the east end of town. But earlier this month, the City was presented with a petition signed by over 200 residents, asking that the issue go up for a public vote. City Manager Tim Vick:

Vick says the City Council had three options at last night’s council meeting – drop the project, put the proposed bond sale up for a public vote in November or revise the current plans. They chose to revise the current plans.

There are two options the City Council is now looking at – scale back their previous plans at the proposed new east end location or tear down the existing city shop and put up a new building at that location. Regardless of which option they choose, it will go up for a public vote – most likely in a special election sometime next year so they have time to educate residents on why a new city shop is needed.

The City would like to hold an open house at the shop, as well as public informational meetings, prior to a vote next year.