Hopkinton Man Charged with Harassing City Clerk

A Hopkinton man has been charged after harassing the Hopkinton city clerk.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says 60-year old Anthony Yonkovic called city clerk Sarah Helle at the Hopkinton City Hall on August 9th to complain about a nuisance abatement letter that he received from the City.

Court documents state Yonkovic was agitated about receiving the letter and informed Helle that she better “sleep with one eye open”. He also allegedly told her “be careful – you could slip and fall or something”.

Other city employees heard Yonkovic make the statements on the office’s speaker phone.

Yonkovic has been charged with Third Degree Harassment. The Sheriff’s Office says he was not taken into custody – instead he was sent a summons to appear in court.