One Arrested after Stabbing Attempt in Manchester

Manchester Police say one person has been arrested after a stabbing incident late Saturday night.

Police say it happened at the South Town Apartments at 222 South Franklin Street a little before 11:30 pm. A Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy was flagged down while passing by.

Police say 48-year old Kelly Ingles of Manchester told authorities she came to the apartments to confront 18-year old Cheyenne Clark of Manchester regarding message correspondence with Ingles’ daughter. Ingles said when she left South Town Apartments, Clark was waiting outside – that’s when an alleged altercation with a knife took place. Ingles said Clark slashed at her, causing a minor cut to her nose.

Clark was arrested and faces two felony charges of Willful Injury Causing Bodily Injury and Going Armed with Intent.

She is being held on five thousand dollars cash bond at the Delaware County Jail.