Jones County Supervisors Discuss Hula Hoop Tree

The famous Hula Hoop Tree was a topic of discussion yesterday at the Jones County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The tree, which sits on County Home Road in Amber, is known for its hula hoops that hang off its branches. Two hula hoops were found in the tree after a storm blew through in 2015 – and since then, dozens of colorful hula hoops have been added by visitors.

On Tuesday morning, the County addressed liability concerns surrounding the quirky landmark. The Board of Supervisors discussed whether the County would have less or greater liability if the area had signage. They also discussed whether the County should lower the speed limit along that stretch of road.

The Hula Hoop Tree’s branches are overhanging into the right-of-way and the County Engineer will have his crew survey the right-of-way line to determine if the tree’s trunk is actually in the right-of-way too.

The Board plans to discuss it again next week once they have more information.



photo courtesy of Amber Iowa Hula Hoop Tree Facebook page