Delaware County Board of Supervisors Meeting Recap

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met earlier this week.

In addition to approving the change to the ATV/UTV ordinance, the Board also approved the final payment to Vontalge Family Partnership for the land that will be the future site of the new jail and Sheriff’s Office. The total payment was 200-thousand dollars, minus pro-rated taxes of 21 dollars.

The Board also heard an annual update from Delaware County Public Health.

They also approved the destruction of records in the Delaware County Auditor’s Office. The office has scanned old voting records dating back to the early 1900s and will destroy the actual paper records.

And the Board has given the okay to get rid of a piece of evidence from an old murder trial in Delaware County. A car hood from the 1974 Miller murder trial has been sitting in the courthouse’s boiler room for years. Paul Leek, who served as a Sheriff’s Deputy at that time, has requested that the car hood be donated to the Delaware County Historical Society, with hopes to create a display at the museum.