New “Blackout” License Plates Popular in Delaware County

There’s a cool new specialty license plate available to Iowans.

The “blackout” plate was added as an option on July 1st – and as of last week, residents can now pick up a non-personalized blackout plate at their county treasurer’s office. Delaware County Treasurer Pam Klein:

The plates are made by Iowa Prison Industries, who send the finished plates to the county treasurer’s office. All the funds collected for the new blackout plates go to the Road Use Tax Fund, which funds state, county and city road and bridge projects throughout Iowa.

Klein says the new blackout license plates have been very popular with Delaware County residents.

They’ve been in high demand across the state too, with over nine thousand sold in two months. The Iowa DOT says the blackout plate is already number four on their list of specialty plates in Iowa. The University of Iowa plate has more than 31-thousand circulating right now, Iowa State is next with almost 20-thousand and the natural resources goldfinch plate is near 17-thousand.

If you’d like to order the new blackout plates online, the website is



photo courtesy of Jeremiah Thomas