Second Helpings in Manchester Needs Donations

Second Helpings, a program that offers a free community meal in Manchester every Monday night, is in need of some help to keep going.

Coordinator Tina Mead says the program has helped feed local residents for the past 16 years and they don’t want to see it end because of a lack of donations.

Second Helpings runs entirely on donations from the community – and more donations are needed to keep the program going.

And it’s not just monetary donations that help – food donations are welcome too. Mead says they recently had a huge donation from the firefighters, who had leftover food following the State Firefighters Convention in Manchester – it was enough food for two nights of meals at Second Helpings.

Mead says they appreciate the volunteers who offer to work at Second Helpings – and they could always use more.

If you’d like to donate to Second Helpings, you can send a check to 413 East Butler Street in Manchester.



photo courtesy of Manchester Rotary Club