Water Expo Held In Manchester

Addressing water issues in Delaware County is the focus of the Maquoketa River Water Management Authority and Tuesday night, several organizations and agencies were highlighted that are working to ensure quality water in the area at the “What’s In Your Water” Expo at Manchester’s new Riverfront Park. Becky Ohrtman is the source water protection coordinator with the Iowa DNR and works with communities to protect their water source:

Several demonstrations were on display, including a “stream table” which showed how the flow of streams change over time. Greg Simmons from the Manchester Fish Hatchery:

Iowa State University Extension agricultural engineering specialist Brian Dougherty demonstrated different types of crop rotations and their effect on soil and water quality:

Coordinator Lori Scovel hopes the event will help people better understand the impact water quality has on our lives:

Other demonstrations included the “NRCS Soil Health Tunnel” and a rainfall simulator.