Jury Returning Monday to Deliberate in Mullis Murder Trial

We may find out a verdict Monday in the Mullis murder trial.

The jury is reconvening Monday morning to deliberate and decide whether Delaware County farmer Todd Mullis is guilty of First Degree Murder.

Mullis is accused of fatally stabbing his wife, Amy, with a corn rake on their farm near Earlville last November. He has pleaded not guilty.

His trial was moved to Dubuque County and began last Monday with jury selection. Opening statements were held Tuesday morning, with a number of witnesses called in by the State to testify, including the couple’s 14-year old Trysten Mullis, as well as county medical examiner Dr. Craig Thompson, state medical examiner Dr. Kelly Kruse, Delaware County Sheriff’s Department investigator Travis Hemesath, DCI special agent Jon Turbett and several other law enforcement, friends and family. The Defense then called three witnesses of their own, including the Defendant, Todd Mullis, who took the stand to give his testimony. Todd was asked if he killed his wife, Amy, on November 10, 2018.

The Defense agrees it was murder – but they say Todd didn’t do it. Both Todd and Trysten testified that they were the only people on the farm (other the two younger children in the house) on the morning Amy was murdered. Todd described hearing his son, Trysten, yell when he found Amy with the corn rake in her back in a shed about 150 feet away from the building he and his dad had been working in.

But the State says if no one else was there, it doesn’t make any sense. They argue that all the evidence points to Todd, who was the main suspect through the three and a half month long investigation up until his arrest on February 28th. DCI special agent Jon Turbett described the conversation he had with Mullis in a police interview six days after Amy’s death.

The State points to motive over Amy’s affair, internet searches that included “killing unfaithful women” (which Todd denied doing) and testimony from Amy’s friends that Amy was scared for her life. And they re-introduced Todd’s 911 call at the end of the trial as they cross-examined Todd on Friday morning. Assistant Attorney General Maureen Hughes asked Todd to listen very carefully to one of his whispers while he was attempting chest compressions on Amy’s lifeless body.

“Todd, do you whisper ‘cheating whore’ right there?”


She played another clips from a few seconds later in the call. “Right there, do you say ‘go to hell, cheating whore’?”


The whisper is barely audible, with social media split on whether they heard those words or not.

Family and friends of both Amy and Todd have been in the packed courtroom all week.

The jury deliberated for two and a half hours on Friday afternoon before they were sent home for the weekend. They will return Monday at 9 am to continue deliberations.

KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker will be in the Dubuque County courtroom again Monday – she’ll keep us updated and let us know when a verdict is reached.



stock photo courtesy of KMCH (“KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch” contest 2015 winners); trial photo courtesy of Telegraph Herald; audio courtesy of Radio Iowa/KCRG