Candidates Announced for Delaware County’s City Elections

The candidates have been announced for the November 5th city elections in Delaware County.

In Manchester, two people are running for the 1st Ward seat, including incumbent Dean Sherman and newcomer John Curran. Dan Stelken has chosen not to run again, with Bill Scherbring running for his 3rd Ward seat. And Tania Bradley is running for the At-Large seat that she was appointed to fill last year.

In Colesburg, Mayor Rex Meyer is running for re-election. Three council seats are open, with candidates including incumbents James Diers and Roger Waterman, as well as newcomer Nick Brown.

In Delaware, Harlan Bond is running for re-election as mayor. Five positions are open on the city council, with four incumbents running – Kevin Clark, Richard Lahr, Lonny Fishler and Burton Davis.

In Delhi, there will be a contested race for mayor, with incumbent Greg Preussner being challenged by Joe Vorwald. And four candidates are running for two open Delhi City Council seats, including incumbent Shawn Wilson, as well as Alex Davis, Larry Beaman and Laurie Kramer.

In Dundee, Mayor Barb Robinson is running for re-election. There are four people running for three open council seats, including incumbent Bob Burgin and Vern Feldmann, as well as Scott Gibbs and AJ Koloc.

In Dyersville, Mayor Jim Heavens is running for another term unopposed. There is one city council seat open, with Jenni Ostwinkle Silva as the lone candidate.

In Earlville, there are no candidates running for the open mayor seat. Two city council seats are available, with Chad Deutmeyer the only candidate.

In Edgewood, Mayor James Stone is running for re-election. Two seats are open for city council, with incumbent Brad Perrinjaquet and newcomer Bruce Hemann running this year.

In Greeley, David Kruse is running for another term as mayor, with Robert Beohm and Terry Brady running for re-election on city council.

In Hopkinton, there is a contested race for mayor, with incumbent Cathy Harris being challenged by Michael J. Feldmann. Three positions are open on city council, including incumbent Nicholas Hunter and Marcus Supple, as well as Craig Lange.

In Masonville, Bill Alden is running for for another term as mayor, with incumbents Jerry Alden, Nellie Marting and Charles Rettinger running again for their three seats on city council.

And in Ryan, Mayor Mike Corcoran is running for re-election. And there are three candidates for the two open city council spots, including incumbent Bradley Woods and newcomers Michael McElliott and Melvin Campbell.