Area Veterans Receive Quilts of Valor

Eleven area veterans received Quilts of Valor at a ceremony Sunday at the Delaware County Community Center.  The quilts are made by the Veteran’s Stitchers based in Clayton County.

One of those veterans receiving a quilt was Randy Franks of Manchester:

Neil Henkenius of Manchester says getting the quilt is about more than just him:

Ken Boesenberg of Manchester was thankful for the honor:

Gary Besler of Hopkinton said it was great to share the day with his family:

Others receiving quilts were Richard Cole of Delhi, Hank Bramman of Manchester, Marvin Larson of Palo, Tony Mondl of Monticello, Jim Errthum of Manchester, Bryan Gray of Manchester, and Richard Schmitt of Manchester.

Since its inception, the National Quilts of Valor Foundation has given out over 250,000 quilts worldwide.   Here are some photos of the quilt presentations:

Warren Coates
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Photos by Mike Johnson/KMCH