RTA Opens New Bus Storage Facility in Earlville

The RTA’s new bus storage facility opened in Earlville on Monday.

Kelley Deutmeyer serves as Executive Director of ECIA, which manages the RTA. She says RTA provides close to 120-thousand rides a year in Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson counties – so a facility like this was a big need.

The project cost around 420-thousand dollars, with the DOT providing about 330-thousand dollars of that amount. Construction took about fourteen months, with a year and a half of planning on top of that – with partnerships from the Iowa DOT, EPA, DNR and City of Earlville.

Deutmeyer says not only did the new bus storage facility benefit the RTA, it benefited the City of Earlville too. For years, the remnants of an old vacant car dealership had been an eyesore in town – this project meant it could finally be torn down with a new brick building built in its spot.

On Monday, partners of the project, along with RTA drivers, county and state officials and other invited guests, gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new bus storage facility at 123 Maple Street – getting a chance to see the finished building firsthand.

Delaware County Supervisor Shirley Helmrichs has served over two decades on the RTA Board and says this new bus storage facility has been a dream for years.





photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker, KMCH