Source of Backbone Fish Kill Still Not Found

They still haven’t found what caused a fish kill at Backbone State Park over the weekend.

Tom McCarthy with the DNR says they have not been able to pinpoint the source of the pollution that killed trout and other fish in Richmond Springs and Fenchel Creek.

McCarthy says with all the rain, it can be hard to know what washed in. He doesn’t believe it was a large kill, but they’re hoping to find a source to prevent any additional kills. One positive is the water levels are very high right now.

McCarthy says there could have been manure runoff that caused the kill – or it could have been normal runoff from the heavy rains. He says the recent rain makes livestock operations vulnerable to spills as they fill with water – and the harvest leaves them without fields to spread manure.

Fishermen at Backbone had reported the kill right away, which was helpful. The DNR encourages anyone who sees a fish kill to report it to them as soon as possible.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa