Floodwaters Headed to Lake Delhi

The high floodwaters we saw in Manchester are heading downstream to Lake Delhi today.

That’s lake resident Pat Colgan, who served as the project manager for the dam rebuild project. Colgan says between two to four inches of rain fell in the Lake Delhi area Tuesday into Wednesday, but with the six-plus inches that fell in the Manchester area combined with the three-plus inches that fell in the Turtle Creek area, the Lake Delhi area is seeing the effects of rainfall from all directions. The Maquoketa River crested at 18.74 feet in Manchester around 1 pm Wednesday. He says it takes about six to eight hours for the water to travel from Manchester to the Lake Delhi dam – but only about two to three hours for it to reach the north end of the lake around the Maples area.

Colgan says areas on the upper end and perhaps even the middle portion of Lake Delhi will see the biggest impact, but he says floodwaters should NOT reach homes – this will mostly be shoreline flooding, affecting boats and lifts.

During flooding events in the past three years, a few residents were surprised that the new dam and spillway didn’t prevent flooding on the upper end of the lake. But Colgan says the dam is working just like it should – and it has been since it was rebuilt.


top photo courtesy of Jim Willey; bottom photo courtesy of Judy Eckman