October Flooding Hits Manchester Again

Floodwaters are impacting Manchester today.

The Maquoketa River spilled out of its banks overnight and started covering West Main Street by the morning commute. During the noon hour, the river sat at 18.5 feet – four and a half feet above the 14-foot flood stage. A Flood Warning remains in effect, with the National Weather Service predicting the river to crest at 20 feet early this afternoon. City Manager Tim Vick:

Floodwaters are surrounding businesses along West Main, including Burger King and Hardees, but Vick says so far, no one has requested sandbags.

The City of Manchester recorded between 3 to 4 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, with some higher amounts also reported. One Manchester resident who lives on Winslow Drive told KMCH she received six and a half inches of rain since Tuesday morning. The average rainfall for the entire month of October is 2.6 inches.


photos courtesy of Audrey McMahon/KMCH