River Drops Below Flood Stage in Manchester

The river in Manchester has gone back down below flood stage.

The Maquoketa crested at 18.74 feet early Wednesday afternoon. It dropped below the 14-foot flood stage late Thursday morning.

Businesses that were closed off due to flooding on West Main Street/Highway 13 were back up and running as normal on Thursday morning.

Downstream, Lake Delhi saw a rise in the water too. By Thursday afternoon, the water was lower. On the upper end of the lake along Maples, the water was off the beach in the condo area and back under the docks. According to The Maples on Lake Delhi Facebook page, the dock by the ramp let loose and moved about thirty feet and they say the beach is covered with muck.

Dyersville also experienced some flooding from the North Fork of the Maquoketa River. The water spilled out its banks, covering the soccer fields at Westside Park. Because of that, this weekend’s Dyersville Soccer League Tournament has been postponed.


photos courtesy of The Maples on Lake Delhi