Delaware County Supervisors Meeting Recap

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met Monday.

The County approved a RCTP agreement with the City of Delaware. Delaware plans to resurface East Jefferson Street, with a total project cost of just over 31-thousand dollars. RCTP funds will cover 20-thousand dollars, with a local contribution of 11-thousand dollars.

And the City of Ryan has asked the County for reimbursement for their RCTP project, which involved resurfacing Franklin Street. The County will reimburse Ryan for 25-thousand dollars in RCTP funds.

The County also approved an easement with Black Hills Energy for gas lines and appurtenances. Black Hills is set to finalize work at the Penn Center to move the gas meter to a closer location to the building.

The County also approved Linda Stahlberg as a precinct election official for the November election.

And Delaware County Engineer Anthony Bardgett says his department is busy working on fixing washed-out areas on gravel roads following six inches of rain this past week.