Part of Strawberry Point Lutheran Home Closing

A portion of the Strawberry Point Lutheran Home is closing. Pastor Gary Hatcher serves as board president.

Pastor Hatcher says the decision to close Pebler Point Care Center and Swales Assisted Living by the end of the year was announced in late September. Since then, four residents at Swales and around two dozen residents at Pebler have been making the move to other facilities. Hatcher says they were close to being vacated last week. He says it was a decision they hated to make, but there were two things they couldn’t ignore.

Pastor Hatcher says one other factor comes into play.

Hatcher said the board started discussing options over two years ago when problems starting becoming apparent. He says if they had done nothing, the entire Strawberry Point Lutheran Home would have gone out of business in 2021.

Last year, a family of one of their residents left $6.3 million dollars to the Lutheran Home, with the proceeds only to go towards memory care. Hatcher says this gives them the opportunity to look into building a second memory care unit – so that is the goal moving forward.

As for the facility that houses Pebler Point, there was talk of renovating it. But since it’s a 50 to 60 year old building, he says it would cost a lot to renovate.

Hatcher says staff members have been promised that if they chose to stay on at the Lutheran Home, they would find work for them at their current salary until the first of the year, at which time they would then re-evaluate the situation.