Peosta City Council Accepts Mayor’s Resignation

The Peosta city council has accepted the resignation of their mayor – despite his request that they let him remain in office.

The Telegraph Herald reports that Larry Mescher quit in an email sent October 13th to Peosta city council members. It was sent two days after a contentious council meeting and follow-up work session regarding a proposed study on moving City Hall offices from Peosta Community Centre to the city’s new police station.

However, on October 15th, Mescher sent another email, saying that in haste “and a bit of anger, I sent out an email that I resign. I would like to apologize and ask that you allow me to rescind my previous email.”

On Monday night, the council said no.

Council member John Kraft says the city needs its leader to step up when the city hits tough times. He told Mescher, “Unfortunately, I feel you jumped ship.”