Dyersville Woman Wins Beckman Gala Cash Raffle

A Dyersville woman is the grand prize winner of Beckman Catholic High School’s $40,000 Cash Raffle.

Joan Recker was drawn as the winner of $25,000 at Saturday night’s Beckman Gala.

Beckman Catholic Principal Marcel Kielkucki says the Gala and $40,000 Cash Raffle are big fundraisers for the school.

Other winners of Beckman’s Cash Raffle include Shannon Hoffman of Iowa City, who won $5,000; Jen Gaul Hetzler of Rochester, MN and Tim & Jan Gansemer of Dyersville, who each won $2,500; and there were several winners of $1,000, including Al & Doris Wessels of Dyersville, Larry & Linda Begle of Dyersville, Sheri White of Rockford, IL, Lois Taylor of Dyersville and Steve Kruse of Petersburg.