Dyersville Hosting National Farm Toy Show

Dyersville is hosting the National Farm Toy Show this weekend.

It is the 42nd year for the show that’s called the “Granddaddy” of all toy shows. Dyersville Chamber Director Karla Thompson:

The National Farm Toy Show is held in three different locations across town.

Every year, there is a display contest, with talented builders showing off their skills on complex farm layouts.

This year’s show is also featuring several events at the National Farm Toy Museum, including Bernie Kluesner’s collection of handmade wooden toys and a presentation by John Brockman on customizing a farm toy. There’s also a farm toy raffle.

Dyersville is home to several farm toy manufacturers, earning its title as “Farm Toy Capital of the World”. During the National Farm Toy Show, open houses are held at these companies, including Tomy, SpecCast and Scale Models. Thompson says the community is proud of their farm background and happy to host thousands of visitors for this annual event each fall.

Admission is ten dollars for the day. The show will wrap up Sunday at 2 pm.



photo courtesy of Dyersville Chamber