Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Greeley Cannon Death

A judge has rejected a plea deal for a Greeley man charged with a woman’s death after a cannon accident three years ago.

Max Fenton pled guilty to aggravated misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter, replacing a felony charge. A pair of fireworks-related charges were to be dropped as well.

Authorities say during a gathering at his home over the Fourth of July weekend in 2016, Fenton fired a homemade miniature cannon made from a sawed-off barrel of a .50-caliber black power rifle. The rear portion of the barrel blew out fragments, hitting 55-year old Lori Heims of Edgewood in the head. She died from her injuries.

The Telegraph Herald reports that the judge rejected the deal last week, saying the plea was to a new charge that was not a lesser-included crime alleged among the original charges. Judge Michael Shubatt also said there didn’t appear to be a factual basis for the new charge.

Shubatt set a trial start date of February 5th.


story contribution from Associated Press