Delaware County 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Team Places 3rd at Nationals

The Delaware County 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl recently represented Iowa, earning 3rd place in the National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest in Louisville, KY.  Team members were Amber Engelken (captain), Lauren Goldsmith, Sarah Goedken and Tara Goedken. Coaches for the team are Jennifer Zumbach, Brian Bagge, Josh Thibadeau, James Goldsmith and Becca Hermann. There were 17 teams participating this year.

Iowa beat Illinois and Minnesota in the first two rounds. They lost a close match to Wisconsin in the third round and then got tough wins against Pennsylvania and Minnesota in the consolation round before losing a great match to New York. Wisconsin and New York earned 1st and 2nd respectively. This team is only the 6th Iowa team to earn 3rd place or higher in the 38 years Iowa has competed! They accomplished it with great team work and critical thinking as they navigated challenging questions and attentive learning over their years of 4-H and particularly the last few months of preparation for the National Contest. In addition, they recognize the top 10 individuals on the test portion of the contest. Amber Engelken earned 6th place.

Coach Jennifer Zumbach said “I am so proud of how well these young ladies worked together to answer questions throughout the day! They had fun, put their knowledge to use, formed friendships with participants from other states and can be proud of how well they represented Iowa and Delaware County 4-H! We as coaches have enjoyed working with them during their time in Dairy Quiz Bowl!”

The contest format includes each individual taking a 50 question test. The teams are ranked by those totals. Then the teams enter a double-elimination contest with 5 test question points being added each round to points earned from 5 team questions, 20 toss-up buzzer questions and possible bonus question points when 3 different team members answer a question correctly.

The team appreciates the financial support offered by the Ron Orth 4-H Dairy Endowment Fund and the Delaware County 4-H Foodstand Fund which helps defer some costs for 4-Hers participating in out-of-county or state activities in return for their time working during the Delaware County Fair.

Sponsors for the North American Invitational 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest which celebrated its 40th year this year are American Dairy Science Association, National Dairy Shrine, North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE), Perdue Agribusiness, Select Sires, Inc. and W.D. Hoard & Sons Co.


photos courtesy of Jennifer Zumbach