Delaware County Election Canvass Declares Several Write-in Winners

Several write-in candidates have officially been declared winners in the city elections held earlier this month.

Delaware County recently canvassed the votes for all county races, including several races in which no candidates filed to run.

No one filed to run for Earlville mayor, so current mayor Dan Wheeler was voted in as a write-in candidate. Wheeler won another two-year term with 38 votes.

The Earlville City Council also needed a second city council member. Chad Deutmeyer ran and was elected for the first seat, with write-in candidate Ed Gibbs winning the second seat with 14 votes.

And the Delaware City Council needed a fifth city council member. Kevin Clark, Richard Lahr, Lonny Fishler and Burton Davis all filed to run and were elected, with write-in candidate Barb Ries winning the fifth seat with 14 votes.

And the canvass showed a tie for the third available seat on the Dundee City Council. Vern Feldmann and Bob Burgin were each elected with 33 and 27 votes respectively, but Scott Gibbs and AJ Koloc tied with 26 votes each. The County Board of Supervisors drew lots, with Koloc declared the winner of the third spot on the council.

Delaware County Auditor Carla Becker says to her knowledge, all of the write-in winners plan on accepting their positions.