Mullis’ Hearing on Motion for New Trial Delayed Until March

Todd Mullis’ hearing on a motion for a new trial has been pushed back to March.

The hearing will be held on the same day as his rescheduled sentencing, which has been moved from December 17th to March 17th in Delaware County District Court.

County Attorney John Bernau says everything was pushed back to March due to additional attorneys coming on board for Mullis – the new attorneys include Matthew Knipe and Aaron Hamrock.

The motion for a new trial was filed earlier this month by Mullis’ attorney Jake Feuerhelm, who represented him in his September trial in Dubuque County. A 12-person jury had found Mullis guilty of First Degree Murder, agreeing with prosecutors that Mullis fatally stabbed his wife, Amy, in the back with a corn rake on their farm last November.

According to court documents, the primary reason for requesting a new trial centers around Mullis’ 911 call, in which prosecutors argued that Mullis could be heard whispering “go to hell, cheating whore”. The accusation came shortly before the jury began deliberating. Mullis’ attorneys say they conducted a detailed review of the 911 recording after the case was submitted to the jury and had it enhanced by a professional audio company – they say Mullis did not whisper those words. His attorneys say questioning Mullis in such a manner and asking him if he had heard words that were not said was a deliberate effort to mislead the jury and robs him of a fair trial.

Mullis’ attorneys also say the jury’s guilty verdict is not supported by the evidence that was produced during trial.

Mullis remains in custody at the Buchanan County Jail. Bond is not allowed after being found guilty of First Degree Murder.


photo courtesy of Telegraph Herald