RMC Partners with Senior Life Solutions Program

Regional Medical Center in Manchester has partnered with a new program designed to help older residents.

It’s called Senior Life Solutions and Program Director Bobbi Rowe says it’s basically a support group for seniors who are struggling from depression or anxiety often related to aging.

At Senior Life Solutions, patients meet up to three times a week in a supportive, encouraging group setting. Many seniors are reluctant to talk to their loved ones or their doctors about depression or anxiety – and they may not even realize they are struggling. But Rowe says there are symptoms to pay attention to.

And during the holidays, seniors may be especially be suffering from depression or anxiety.

Anyone can refer a senior to the Senior Life Solutions program – it does not need to be a healthcare professional – and seniors can take the initiative themselves too.

For more information on Regional Medical Center’s Senior Life Solutions program, call 927-7560 or visit regmedctr.org/seniorlifesolutions.