Delaware County Board of Supervisors Meeting Recap

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met Monday.

The Board approved a request to extend the scope of a Rural County Transportation Program (RCTP) application for the City of Edgewood. The City of Edgewood requested 25-thousand dollars in RCTP funds for an improvement project on South Washington Street. They expected the total project to cost around 67-thousand dollars, but it came in lower at just under 40-thousand dollars. With the extra funds, the City plans to change the scope of the project, extending it up the street to replace more pavement.

The County also gave their support for a resolution supporting the creation of the statistical boundaries of the Mississippi River ports of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. There has never been an official designation of a port in Iowa along the Mississippi River – this would create a port area from southern to northern Iowa. The statistical boundaries will provide the opportunity for marketing and investment opportunities, which could lead to job creation and economic growth for Delaware County.

And the Board has approved the resignation of a longtime employee. Anne Rave, who has worked in the County Auditor’s Office for the past twelve years, plans to retire – her last day in the office will be May 1st. Rave also spent about twelve years working in the County Attorney’s Office. The Board thanks her for her years of dedicated service.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH