Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met for the first time in the new year last night.

It was the first meeting for Bill Scherbring, who is beginning his first council term after being elected in November. Council members Dean Sherman and Tania Bradley were also elected to continue their terms, joining Mary Ann Poynor and Connie Behnken.

The Manchester City Council approved standard proceedings for the special assessment portion of the East Main Street project. This year’s project will cover about a quarter of a mile on the east end of town from McCarren Drive to the east corporate lines of the city. The assessments will affect about a dozen property owners, covering curb and gutter, sidewalks and four driveways. The City will be notifying property owners by mail, with a public hearing planned for February 10th.

The Council also discussed the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities – it’s a University of Iowa program that the City was chosen for. The cost to the City will be 50-thousand dollars – in exchange for that, they’ll receive the help of around two hundred graduate students in planning projects around the community. City Manager Tim Vick says it will give the City the opportunity to complete some things they haven’t been able to.

The Manchester City Council also heard a concern from Manchester resident Harold Blatt – he and his small dog were recently attacked by a large dog while walking in town. The City will continue to look into the issue, but they remind everyone to do their best to contain their animals.

The City presented a special service award to Jim Wessels for 30 years of service with the Manchester Police Department.

And the City’s Nice Neighbor Award was presented to Ron and Janine Stellick, who were nominated by Scott and Carolyn Shives for being “outstanding neighbors and fantastic role models” for their son, Samuel.


photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH