Delaware County Dairy Promoters Introducing Ambassador Program

As a new addition to the Delaware County Royalty competition, which takes place each year in conjunction with the Annual Dairy Banquet, the Delaware County Dairy Promoters are proud to introduce the Ambassador program in 2020.

The Dairy Ambassador(s) will serve alongside the Dairy Royalty in promoting the dairy industry and products around Delaware County. The Dairy Promoters hope that by opening up the contest to include a team of ambassadors to work alongside the Princess and Little Royalty, that they will be able to make a bigger impact in educating consumers about the dairy industry and its products. The Promoters plan to choose up to four ambassadors from contestants who have applied to fill the ambassador role.

The Dairy Ambassador Contest is open to any high school student (both male and female) age 16-20 who currently lives or works on an operating dairy farm located within Delaware County. The Dairy Promoters are excited that this program will now open doors for high school males who are interested in promoting dairy to have the opportunity to do so. “The Little Mr. Herdsman contest was introduced many years back in order for elementary boys to be able to participate on the royalty platform alongside our long running Little Miss Squirt contest, and now we’re incredibly excited to be able to include the older gentlemen as well through the addition of this ambassador program” states Promoters Board President, Jill Kunde.

It also opens things up for the Dairy Promoters to allow for more high school age females to participate if being princess doesn’t appeal to them, or if there are several princess candidates, all could have a role, be it as princess or one of the Ambassadors. “We want to celebrate and promote dairy products, their health benefits, and the amazing people who put those products on your table. The Ambassador program is an opportunity for young adults, male, or female not interested in wearing heels, evening dress and tiara, to discover and practice dairy promotion” states Susan Hermann, Royalty Coordinator of the Delaware County Dairy Promoters, of the new program.

Interested participants can apply by calling or texting either Jill Kunde at 563-920-4824, or Susan Hermann at 563-920-5337, or by emailing Deadline to apply is Friday, February 7, 2020.

The Delaware County Dairy Banquet will be held on Saturday evening, March 7, 2020 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds Pavilion. Tickets can be purchased from any Dairy Promoters Board Member, and will also be available at all Manchester Financial Institutions for $18/adult ticket, and $10/child ticket.