Hero Hustle Presents Checks to Delaware County Emergency Personnel

Some of our local heroes have been given a bit of a financial boost.

The Hero Hustle Triathlon was created four years ago as a way to raise money for emergency departments across Delaware County. The annual summer event once again raised thousands of dollars last August, allowing the committee to present checks to several agencies on Friday, including the Earlville and Colesburg fire departments, the Manchester Police Department and the Delaware County EMS Association.

Colesburg firefighter Kaleb Payne won the Hero Hustle Triathlon last summer as the first emergency personnel member to cross the finish line. Because of that, his department – the Colesburg Fire Department – is receiving five hundred dollars.

The Earlville Fire Department – who finished the triathlon as team champions – are also receiving five hundred dollars. And individuals who are training to become EMTs across Delaware County will also benefit from the Hero Hustle funds. Julie Kemp, who serves as Vice President of the Delaware County EMS Association, was presented with a three thousand dollar donation on Friday.

And the Manchester Police Department is receiving three thousand dollars to help pay for ballistic helmets for their officers.

Police Chief Jim Hauschild says they really appreciate all the support from the community – and the Hero Hustle has played a big role in helping them out.

Manchester Parks and Rec Director Doug Foley, who helps plans the Hero Hustle, says this is why the event was created.

The 5th Annual Hero Hustle Triathlon is planned for Sunday, August 30th.  If you’d like to participate and support local departments like these, check out the Hero Hustle Triathlon Facebook page or website or you can contact Manchester City Hall.


photos courtesy of Rob Edwards/KMCH