Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council has set public hearing dates for two major street improvement projects coming up this summer.

The City will be working with the State to resurface Highway 13 from the west end of town by Walmart to the four main intersection and north up to the water tower, with some of the highway getting widened from the four main up north to the cemetery. Three bids have come in for the project – all above the engineer’s estimate, with the lowest coming in at three-point-seven million dollars. A public hearing on plans for the project will be held Monday, February 10th at 5 pm.

The City will also be working with the County to improve East Main Street at the far east entrance of town. A public hearing is set for Monday, February 24th.

At Monday night’s meeting, the Manchester City Council heard a presentation about the University of Iowa program they have been selected for. The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities program chose Manchester as one of two communities to work with U of I students and faculty in developing projects throughout the community, covering such areas as engineering, marketing and public art. The City will be meeting to discuss which projects they’d like to work on.

An update was also provided on the environmental assessment done at the Manchester Municipal Airport. The assessment was needed to be eligible for funding, with no issues found during the study.

And the Manchester City Council has approved replacing the main control computer at the city’s wastewater treatment plant after the computer’s hard drive failed. The replacement will cost nearly 34-thousand dollars.