Delaware County and Partial Iowa Democratic Caucus Results

Nearly two days have passed since the Iowa Caucus and the complete results still have not been announced.

Pete Buttigieg is clinging to a slight lead over Bernie Sanders in a new batch of votes released by the Iowa Democratic Party. The race remained too early to call with 75% of precincts reporting by Wednesday afternoon. Much of the political world has already shifted its attention to New Hampshire, which votes on Tuesday. Wednesday’s updated results show Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar trailing. Iowa officials attributed their delay to technical problems. The chaos surrounding the reporting breakdown has undermined the impact of Iowa’s election, which typically rewards winners with a surge of momentum.

We do know how the Delaware County Democrats caucused on Monday night. The County’s Democratic Chair Buzz Pounds released the results to KMCH late Tuesday afternoon. The County favored Buttigieg with 33 delegates, Klobuchar had 29 delegates, Warren 26, Biden 25, Sanders 5 and Steyer 2. The Delaware County Democratic Caucus drew 433 attendees – that’s about half of what was anticipated.

No word on when the rest of Iowa’s Democratic Caucus results will be released. The Iowa Democratic Party said Monday night that results were indefinitely delayed because of “quality checks” and “inconsistencies” in some reporting.

President Donald Trump was declared the landslide winner of Iowa’s Republican Caucus on Monday night, with 97 percent of the vote.

story contribution from The Associated Press; photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH