RMC Begins Screening Process for Coronavirus

Regional Medical Center in Manchester has begun a screening process for the Coronavirus – though local health officials say the risk in Iowa is still low.

The virus has been causing concerns worldwide for the past few weeks. Regional Medical Center Infection Prevention Nurse Joan Wessels explains exactly what the Coronavirus is.

Delaware County Public Health Nurse Charity Loecke says as of Tuesday, there were at least thirteen cases in the United States.

Wessels says on Tuesday, Regional Medical Center in Manchester started following recommendations from the Iowa Department of Public Health – which means patients will now be asked two questions.

With more than twenty thousand confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide – and over four hundred deaths – the U.S. government declared a public health emergency last week. But here in Iowa and Delaware County, Loecke says right now there’s not a lot of reason to worry about getting infected with the virus.

If you have further questions about the Coronavirus, you can contact Delaware County Public Health at 927-7551.