Sanders’ Campaign Finds Caucus Discrepancy in Independence Precinct

The Iowa caucuses haven’t wrapped up yet.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced today that it has asked for a “partial recanvass” of the results of last week’s Iowa caucuses.

Sanders is blasting the Iowa Democratic Party for the “screw up” of results.

Sanders’ campaign is requesting a recanvass of 25 precincts and three satellite caucuses. One of the discrepancies they found in the caucus count came from Independence’s Ward Two, where they say only five of Sanders’ six delegates were awarded.

They say after rounding, Biden received three delegates while Sanders and Klobuchar only received one each. They argue that Sanders’ 1.2 was higher than Klobuchar’s 1.09, which means the last delegate should have gone to Sanders – making the final count Biden 3, Sanders 2 and Klobuchar 1.

Sanders is putting the blame on the Iowa Democratic Party, adding that he feels bad for the volunteers and voters who participated in the Caucuses.

The Iowa Democratic Party says the Buttigieg campaign has requested a check on results in 66 precincts. Current results show Buttigieg with a razor-thin lead over Sanders in state delegate equivalents, and the party has awarded Buttigieg 14 delegates to Sanders’ 12. But the Sanders campaign believes correcting faulty math could swing the delegate allocation in Sanders’ favor.


story contribution from Associated Press and Radio Iowa