Manchester Hopes to Revive K-9 Program

Manchester’s police chief says he has every intention of bringing back their K-9 program – but it could take a year or two.

The Manchester Police Department has had a dog serving alongside them for the past twenty years – first it was Ralf, then it was Tya and for the past two years, it’s been Ace. And Chief Hauschild says these K-9s have been a huge benefit to Manchester and the surrounding area.

And each of those K-9s have worked side-by-side with a canine handler, who is an officer on the police department. Chief Hauschild worked with Ralf, Brad Comer worked with Tya and David Trumblee has worked with Ace. But Officer Trumblee has submitted his resignation – which means Ace is leaving too.

Trumblee will pay the City ten-thousand dollars to buy Ace and keep him as a family pet. Their last day with the Manchester PD will be February 29th. Their resignation will leave Manchester without a police dog and Chief Hauschild says it may be awhile before a K-9 is part of the department again.

Both Trumblee and fellow Manchester officer Matt Tauke are leaving for positions with the Dyersville Police Department, where they will be making about six dollars an hour more than they were paid in Manchester. The Dyersville PD recently made changes to pay scale after losing a number of their officers to other communities. Dyersville also removed their residency requirement and restrictions on lateral transfers.

Chief Hauschild says the City of Manchester will be considering changes too.

It’s been six years since the Manchester Police have had a vacancy in their department.