Artwork Created to Celebrate Backbone State Park’s Centennial

An Iowa artist has created a work of art for Backbone State Park in honor of its centennial this year.

Kimberly Moss is one twenty artists who are part of a new art exhibition called “20 Artists, 20 Parks”. Each artist created a piece for one of Iowa’s state parks.

Moss, an Iowa State University professor, created a piece of art called “Backbone Unearthed” (pictured above). Her artwork shows the isolines as hypothetical threads laid on the land, with windows and doors that open revealing organisms and elements she observed during her time in the park.

A piece of artwork was also created for Pikes Peak State Park in McGregor. Artist Barbara Walton painted a piece called “The Weight (I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud)” (pictured below).

The art exhibition of “20 Artists, 20 Parks” will open next month in Des Moines before traveling to Dubuque and two other Iowa cities as part of the DNR’s year-long celebration of the state parks centennial in 2020.