“Sleep in Heavenly Peace” to Help Build Beds for Delaware County Kids

There is a new program in Delaware County that’s hoping to help local children in need.

It’s called “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”. Keith Kramer explains:

“Sleep in Heavenly Peace” is a nationwide program that was started about six years ago by a couple of men in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since then, the program has spread to 225 chapters across the country, including five chapters here in Iowa. Kramer has spent quite a bit of time learning about the program and decided he wanted to start a chapter in Delaware County.

Kramer believes the need for beds for kids in Delaware County is greater than we think. He says Jones County started their chapter last summer, thinking they would build about 30 to 40 beds within a year. Just seven months later, they have surpassed that number, with over 100 beds built and about a dozen more on the waiting list.

The Delaware County chapter of “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” is planning a Community Build Beds day on Sunday, April 5th, in which they’ll need forty to fifty volunteers – and Kramer says experience with building is not needed.

And as additional Build Bed days are needed, any businesses, organizations or families who want to sponsor a Build Day are more than welcome. Donations are welcome too – Kramer says it cost $175 to build one bed – which includes the bed, mattress and bedding. You can go online to SHPbeds.org to donate or sign up to volunteer. Kramer is hoping “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” will make a difference for kids here in Delaware County.