Community Savings Bank Opens New Manchester Building

Community Savings Bank has a new home in Manchester.

The bank still sits on the same block as before, but in a brand new three-story building – which just opened its doors for business last week.

Steve Brady, President and CEO, says they’ve enjoyed being part of the Manchester community for nearly three decades now.

And Brady says Community Savings Bank has grown considerably over the years.

About three years ago, they decided it was time to build new.

Local engineering firm Fehr Graham is leasing out the east half of the third floor, with the other half vacant. Community Savings Bank Regional Vice President Luke Brady says the new building has several features you’ll notice as soon as you walk in the door.

Community Savings Bank is also installing a couple of electric car charging stations in their parking lot, as well as a hitching post for their Amish customers.

The new bank has a large break room for its employees, with plans to add a second-floor patio area above the new drive-up on the west side of the building. And they’ve added height adjustable standing desks.

And the exterior design of the building was very intentional, with Community Savings Bank wanting their new home to complement the historic Delaware County Courthouse next door.

And the new bank building has benefited both the City and the County. The City swapped land with CSB so the bank could put up the new building and the City could put in a new paved parking lot, with plans for new streetscaping too. And the County has bought the bank’s old building, hoping to use it for office space and storage – making it a “win-win-win” for everyone.

Community Savings Bank broke ground on the new building in the summer of 2018. And after patiently watching the progress over the past eighteen months, Brady says they’ve been getting some nice feedback from the Manchester community since they opened their doors last Tuesday.

Community Savings Bank is hoping to hold a grand opening/open house at their new Manchester location this summer.


photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH and Community Savings Bank