Backbone and Silver Lake Depicted in Paintings and Postcards

Two attractions along the Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway are now depicted in pieces of original artwork.

A water color painting has been created for Silver Lake in Delhi and Backbone State Park near Dundee, with two paintings actually created for Backbone.

Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway Coordinator Jared Nielsen says Decorah artist Mary Ann Gloe created the works of art.

The Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway is one of fourteen Byways in Iowa. It’s a 44-mile route that loops throughout Delaware County, with Backbone on the west end of the byway and Silver Lake on the east end.

The Silver Lake painting has been gifted to the City of Delhi, while the two paintings of Backbone are currently on display at the State Capitol.

And the Northeast Iowa RC&D has developed postcards and posters of the paintings that are available for purchase.

Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway Chair Bob Sack hopes that the paintings will draw visitors to Backbone and Silver Lake, allowing them to experience what most Delaware County residents already have. Sack himself has special memories of Backbone State Park.

And Sack says the Byway Committee is already working on their next project.

We’ll keep you updated on that project.



photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH