Maquoketa Valley’s Individual Speech Season Begins

The Maquoketa Valley Individual Events Speech Teams started up their contest season
this past week.

On Monday, February 24, MV hosted the Tri-Rivers Conference IE Contest.

Five events on the 9th grade team receiving a Division 1 include: McKenna Thompson
(Storytelling), Kaela Clemen (Poetry & Prose), Anna Deutmeyer (Storytelling), Emilee Supple
(Prose). Those events on the 9th grade squad receiving a Division 2 include: Saige Hunt (Prose)
& Erin Knipper (Storytelling).

The following students on the 10 – 12 team received a Division 1 rating: Mason Lubben
(Public Address & Acting), Lexi Deutmeyer (Literary Program), Andrew Kloser (Storytelling &
Solo Musical Theatre), Preston Roling (Public Address & Radio News), Emma Hill (Original
Oratory), Logan Johnson (Spontaneous Speaking), Paige Panosh (Original Oratory &
Spontaneous Speaking), Molly Anderegg (Reviewing), Noah DeVore (Acting), Shelby March
(After Dinner), Paige Winter (Radio News), Carlie Lewing (Reviewing), Ashtyn Porter (Poetry),
Michael Van Meter (Improvisation), Kylie Chesnut (Storytelling), Kailyn Hogan (Literary
Program), Chance Downs (Public Address), Amanda Mohr (Expository Address), Kim Sellner
(Prose), Keziah Ambundo (Solo Musical Theatre), Allie Dunn (Literary Program), AJ Ambundo
(Storytelling), Abbie Sheehy (Prose), Amaya Hunt (Original Oratory), Kendra Hillers
(Expository Address), Erika Supple (Prose), Jaiden Porter (Poetry), Layla Crippen
(Improvisation), Tony Offerman (Solo Musical Theatre), & Amber Engelken (Poetry). Those
receiving a Division 2 include: Brock Trenkamp (Radio News), Emma Beitz (Spontaneous
Speaking), Madeline Gellersen (After Dinner), Carissa Sabers (After Dinner), & Noah DeVore
(Improvisation). Lydia Helle did not perform her Expository Address and Reviewing pieces due
to illness; this was the same thing for Liz McDowell & her Acting piece.

Out of all the teams at the conference contest, MV’s 10-12 grade took 1st place. At the
end of the night, judges choose two best of centers for each room (11 total rooms). MV had 13
of 22 best of center recipients. This included Erika Supple (PR), Logan Johnson (SS), Kaela
Clemen (PR), Mason Lubben (PA & AC), Kendra Hillers (EX), Amanda Mohr (EX), Ashtyn
Porter (PO), Lexi Deutmeyer (LP), Andrew Kloser (ST), Anna Deutmeyer (ST), Amaya Hunt
(OO), & Noah DeVore (AC).

On Saturday, February 29, Maquoketa Valley competed at the district individual speech
contest at home. Both the 10 – 12 and the 9th grade team did very well.

The 10 – 12 team received 36 Division 1 ratings: they include Carlie Lewin (RV),
Preston Roling (PA & RN), Allie Dunn (LP), Anna Deutmeyer (ST), Emma Hill (OO), Molly
Anderegg (RV), Lexi Deutmeyer (LP), Lydia Helle (EA & RV), Shelby March (AD), AJ
Ambundo (ST), Carissa Sabers (ADS), Paige Panosh (SS & OO), Erika Supple (PR), Noah
DeVore (AC & IM), Emma Beitz (SS & IM), Abbie Sheehy (PR), Andrew Kloser (SMT),
Amaya Hunt (OO), Kim Sellner (PR), Mason Lubben (AC & PA), Logan Johnson (SS), Liz
McDowell (AC), Tony Offerman (SMT), Kailyn Hogan (LP), Brock Trenkamp (RN), Chance
Downs (PA), Keziah Ambundo (SMT), Kylie Chesnut (ST), Amanda Mohr (EX), & Kendra
Hillers (EX).

All of the events on the 9th grade team received Division I ratings: McKenna Thompson
(ST), Kaela Clemen (PO & PR), Anna Deutmeyer (ST), Emilee Supple (PR), Saige Hunt (PR),
& Erin Knipper (ST).

Those receiving a Division 1 rating advanced to the state competition. The State
Individual Speech contest will be held Saturday, March 14 at Starmont High School.


photo courtesy of MV Speech/Debbie DeVore